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Conflux-nettok.net was established in 2018, we has become one of Switzerlands’s leading real estate organizations and, cryptocurrency trading and other forms or part of a Group of Companies heavily involved in the property sector, property management and property investments with crypto currency.

Conflux-nettok.net reputation has been built on years of experience gained from operating within the property market, stock market and others However, the Group's rapid growth in a more-and-more technological world has not been to the detriment of its personal touch with its clients. Conflux-nettok.net strongly believes that the cornerstone on which it has grown is its commitment to its clients, ensuring a professional yet friendly and individualized service.

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We invest in projects at an early stage of their realization, in particular, it can be financing ideas, seed and private rounds, investing in startups at various stages of their development, ICO (Initial Coin Offering), IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). Our specialists select only potentially profitable projects for investment that have a chance to shoot in the future and take a competitive position in the market. This direction is characterized by the highest percentage of profitability, while there are high risks that we take into account.


Our staff consists of professional crypto traders who carry out deals on popular and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges. Our specialists constantly monitor the market of blockchain products, which allows them to invest in promising coins and projects that can bring high returns in a short period of time. At the same time, our company operates with already proven coins, which show a stable growth for several years. The predictability of these assets allows our specialists to perform operations with these instruments in a semi-automatic mode. For this purpose, trading bots are created. These are special programs whose algorithm allows us to significantly reduce the impact of the human factor on the implementation of trading operations. Bots have proven themselves well and show good returns on medium-and long-term distances. Conflux-nettok.net Investment specialists are actively improving them that trading algorithms bring maximum efficiency.


We believe in investing in companies that exhibit strong or improving fundamentals and that their share prices are not reflected properly in the marketplace. These companies generally exhibit strong management teams, good balance sheets and have high barriers to entry. We invest for the long term.


Our mission is to generate world-class investment returns over the long term. We aspire to do so in a way that makes our partners and portfolio companies proud, as we build a unique, global company.

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